Priest who preaches the resurrection of Irem.


Appearance: Tall, imposing man with chocolate skin, shaven head.

The First Turn: Associated with sleep temples. May have been, taught, known or learned from/about Imhotep, history’s “first” great doctor, architect and hypnotist.
The Second Turn: Kahotep knows he was present for the fall of Egypt, though he knows not what role he played in it, nor if that knowledge is even literal. He has come to the conclusion that Egypt was a false successor to Irem: a corpse that needed to decompose to allow for Irem’s eventual resurrection.
The Third Turn: Kahotep’s introduction to Christianity. It recognizes the inevitable return of Irem, though it doesn’t know that kingdom’s name. Kahotep travels northeast into the Middle East, learning of the Sassanid Empire and its state religion of Zoroastrianism. He vacated his original tomb at some point, and has had a smaller one constructed since.

Social: Presence 3, Manipulation 2, Composure 3
Mental: Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 4
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 1, Stamina 2

Mental (11): Academics 1, Crafts 2, Medicine 2 (Hypnosis), Occult 3 (Necromancy), Politics 1, Religion 2
Social (7): Expression 3, Intimidate 2 (A Glimpse of Futility), Persuasion 2
Physical (4): Athletics 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 2

Merits (7):
Guild Status 1 (Su-Menent)
Cult 4: Ritualistic, Obedient, Grasp +1
-Reach 1, Grasp 2
-Free Allies; Contacts through awkward social engagement; Resources through miracles
Tomb 2: Geometry 2: Size of a small office, immaculate carvings. +2 to recharging Pillars.
Language 1: Arabic, Italian (Native: Iremite Egyptian)

Decree: Ka (Essence; Bull-Headed)
Restoring Pillars: Regain a pillar in any scene where you successfully clarify a misunderstanding; regain all Ka in a chapter where you create something lasting, or are recognized for same.
Boostable Attribute: Resolve
Ab (Heart) 2
Ba (Spirit) 2
Ka (Essence) 4
Ren (Name) 2
Sheut (Shadow) 3

Judge: Hetch-Abhu, the Shining Teeth
-judges those who threaten the sacred (e.g. men, wild animals)
Affinities: Paragon Shames the Weak; Falcon Soul Aloft, Godsight, Pharaoh Reigns Anew, Rouse the Khaibit

Guild: Su-Menent, the Sheperds of the Shell

Affinities (3):
-Paragon Shames the Weak (Soul Affinity): Whenever Kahotep rolls an exceptional success in front of enemies/rivals, he may spend 1WP and roll (Presence + Expression + Sekhem + Striking Looks) vs. their (Resolve + Composure + Sekhem). Victims who lose develop the Inferiority Complex derangement for a month, or upgrade to Anxiety for a week, or upgrade to Irrationality for a day.
-Fated Soul (Guild Affinity): +2 to healing/diagnosing wounds, meditation, memorizing and remembering, or WP to add defining Pillar; all attempts to instill fear in Kahotep fail; add +1 to effective Sekhem, maximum 10, for purposes of resisting other people’s powers, or spend WP to use defining Pillar instead of Sekhem vs. influence/control for a scene.
-Deathsight: Can perceive ghosts in Twilight and recognize ghost-possessed living/dead bodies; can roll (Wits + Investigation + Sheut) vs. target’s (Resolve + Composure) to read Vice, Morality and Sheut rating (if fail, must spend WP to use again on target that scene); auto-recognize undead as undead, reduce TN by 1 to notice undead; can spend 1WP to impose -(Sheut) penalty to attacks from non-Mummy undead for a scene
-Ancient Horror Unveiling (Fated): Target as instant action, may include words that will be remembered for rest of target’s life. Target is affected by Sybaris even if normally immune, and Kahotep spends 1WP and rolls (Presence + Intimidation) vs. (Resolve + Composure + Sekhem). Target’s TN is increased by 1 unless his/her Virtue is Fortitude. Success inflicts phobia (lasts one month), upgrades to hysteria (lasts one week), or upgrades to avoidance (lasts one week).

Dreams of Dead Gods:
Ba 1: Unleashed for either a day, or while Kahotep sleeps (in which case it is paid for when he awakens). Dreams “attack” anyone that Fate decrees, helping would-be allies find him and driving enemies to distraction. Associated roll is (Manipulation + Occult + Ba). Would-be dreamers with (lower of Resolve or Composure + Sekhem) lower than this roll are affected, gaining a flux derangement. See entry for details. POTENCY 1.
Ka 2: Target sapient being whom mummy has seen within last day. And roll (Manipulation + Occult + Ka) vs. (Composure + Sekhem). If they interacted, Mummy’s TN-1; if they interacted strongly, Mummy’s TN-2. Successful roll either means seductive dream or interrogative dream. See entry for details. CURSE. POTENCY 1.
Words of Dead Glory:
Sheut 1: Roll Int+Occult, adding manifestation modifiers, animate corpse of Size (Sheut + Sekhem) or smaller as a nenitu. Through bites, the nenitu can create other nenitu, with the pack size not exceeding (successes rolled). The roll loses one success per hour. The mummy can take an instant action to render perceived characters invisible to the nenitu. Alternatively, this tier can be unleashed to grant a second- or third-tier servant the infectious bite.
Ba 2: After a ritual lasting from sunset to midnight, roll (Intelligence + Occult + Ba – 4) to enchant a corpse. If a ghost touches it before sunset, that corpse/ghost becomes a revenant, and may gain Impassioned Soul. If it does, the mummy can define 2/3 goals, or leave all three to Fate. Fate will ensure that the revenant is directly helpful in resolving the mummy’s story. The mummy can only have one such revenant at a time, though all of his actions that target only the revenant benefit from -1TN.
Ka 4: Target a manifesting ghost and intact corpse within 20 yds, and roll (Manipulation + Occult + Ka) vs. ghost’s (Power + Resistance) or (Resolve + Composure). Success makes the ghost an Intruder and an Impassioned Soul: one passion is corruptive/destructive, one is chosen by Fate to aid the mummy long-term, and the third is chosen by the mummy. If its body is destroyed, it can find a new one (Ka) times. Using this tier again transfers the blessing to a new ghost, leaving the last one to its own devices.

Health: 7
Willpower: 7
Sekhem: 6
Memory: 3
Virtue: Patience
Vice: Pride

Size: 5
Speed: 9 (7 with armor)
Initiative Mod: +4
Defense: 1 (0 with armor)

XP: 43/50
Language 1: 2XP
Ba 2: 6XP
Ka 4: 8XP
Fated Affinity: 15XP
Ab 2: 6XP
Ren 2: 6XP

Sebayt XP: 22

Khopesh (Curved sword): Damage 3L, Size 2/L, Durability 3, +1 damage with height advantage
Scale Mail (chainmail): Rating 2/1, Defense – 2, Speed – 2
Fine Egyptian Clothes



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